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Thursday, April 17, 2014 PDF Print E-mail

6.00 How I Met Your Mother
Ted throws a party at his apartment in the hope of landing a second date with Robin, but when she fails to show up he keeps throwing parties until she does; Marshall struggles to complete a paper for school amid the distractions.

6.30 How I Met Your Mother
Marshal struggles to deal with Lily leaving as Barney takes him out for a night at a strip club and Ted treats him to a Yankees game, but Marshal discovers a credit card trail and the guys try to stop him from going to see her.

7.00 House
A newborn experiences inexplicable breathing problems and liver failure, prompting House and the team to look into the mother's medical history for possible clues; House challenges Foreman and Taub; House babysits Cuddy's daughter.

8.00 House
A senator's campaign manager falls ill with liver failure and temporary paralysis, and clues to his condition may be found with the candidate; Cuddy pressures House to add a female doctor to his team; House puts his relationship in jeopardy.

9.00 News 25 @ 9 on My59

9.30 The Office
Dwight and Jim are shocked when they get the results of the annual customer survey report; Pam and Jim decide to use their Bluetooth phones to spend every minute together; Angela and Andy pick a rather unusual place for their wedding.

10.00 The Arsenio Hall Show
Scheduled: Music group TGT arrives to take over the show.

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