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6.00 The Middle
Frankie convinces Mike and the kids to agree to host a foreign exchange student from Japan in order to expose him to life in an average American family, but the Hecks get frustrated when the student shows no sign of interest whatsoever in the family.

6.30 The Middle
Brick demands to hear the true story about the day he was born, something which has remained a family secret; Axl wonders if his new manager's hotness happens to trump her incompetence, which leaves him in a conundrum on the job.

7.00 How I Met Your Mother
Marshall and Lily decide that they both want to marry each other, but without the fuss of a big wedding; close friends Barney, Ted, and Robin accompany them to Atlantic City for their ceremony, where several complications arise.

7.30 How I Met Your Mother
Barney attempts to delve into the past in order to discover exactly why Robin has such a hatred for going to shopping malls, and the information that he comes across provides him with endless hours of personal amusement.

8.00 Castle
Castle and Beckett are worried for the members of the 12th precinct when they find a murder victim that bears a strong resemblance to Medical Examiner Lanie Parish and think that a cosmetic surgeon from Manhattan may be involved.

9.00 Bones
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a man who spends his days as an employee of a brokerage firm and his nights as a male stripper; Booth's mother shows up after being estranged from him for 24 years to make a special request.

10.00 Futurama
Philip J. Fry takes Turanga Leela on a romantic holiday retreat, which goes disturbingly wrong when, unbeknownst to them, the secluded and, supposedly, private bungalow that they had reserved is actually a zoo for aliens..

10.30 Futurama
Bender becomes highly profitable and begins to sell his entire body after a mine disaster causes the market value of titanium to soar; Richard Nixon's head buys Bender's body and uses it during his presidential campaign

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